Sunday Talk


Face the State WFSB 8:30a.m.   Host: Dennis House (Susan Raff fills in this week)

Paid Family Leave:

Catherine Bailey/CT Women’s Education & Legal Fund

Eric Gjiede/CBIA

Funding for Non-Profits:

GainCarl Casa/CT Community Non-Profit Alliance

Bridging the Gap with the Muslim Community:

Fatma Antar/Muslim Coalition of CT

The Real Story  Fox 61  10 a.m.

Hosts: Jennifer Bernstein and Al Terzi

Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti defends the Lamont Administration plan to bring back highway tolls, as the most effective way to pay for transportation upgrades, including road and bridge repairs and improvements in rail service. 

Former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez explains why he thinks he can win back his old job, despite his previous corruption convictions, which were overturned on appeal.

Fox61’s Chief Investigator Brian Foley discusses the concerns of police chiefs across the state should recreational marijuana be legalized.  There is no standard test for being high on pot, as there is with alcohol, and the chiefs are worried that legalization will strain their resources. 

Real People Fox61 10:30 am

Host: Stan Simpson

Guest: Jim Calhoun

Face the Facts WVIT 10 a.m.

Host: Max Reiss

Patrick Sasser, the founder of No Tolls CT, discusses the grassroots movement to stop tolls from returning to the state’s highways.

State Senator Martin Looney (D-New Haven) on why the time is now for Connecticut to legalize marijuana. He also makes the case for tolls.

With tax day approaching, a look at how many of Connecticut’s non-profits are seeing decreased donations as a result of tax changes at the federal level.

CT Capitol Report WTNH Sunday 10:00am

Host: Tom Dudchik

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