Crossing A Line

Let’s put aside the question of whether radio talk show hosts should be issue advocates to the extent that they promote and speak at political rallies. There’s definitely a precedent for that in this state. But we were taken aback to read this from Mark Pazniokas’ coverage of the “anti-toll” rally at the state capitol: “Todd Feinburg of the 50,000-watt WTIC-AM tilted his head toward the Capitol and pronounced state government a ‘criminal enterprise’ and its elected officials ‘assholes.’ Steve Noxon of the smaller WATR-AM in Waterbury said tolls were less about improving transportation than enriching Lamont’s friends on Wall Street. ‘I don’t know why there aren’t 50,000 people here today to protest the insanity of what’s going on,’ Feinburg said, looking out at an audience that barely covered the wide sidewalk below the north steps.”