Ruhe Presumed Dead


(Ruhe photo of the Connecticut River in Vermont).

Sadly we must report that searchers in Vermont have found the body of a man believed to be George Ruhe of Wethersfield, Connecticut and Brattleboro, Vermont.

Ruhe is best known in Connecticut journalism circles for his work as a freelance photographer for the New York Times since 1993. His body was recovered from Lake Champlain late Thursday where he kept a sailboat. He was first reported missing Wednesday. Friends last heard from him on Sunday.

Ruhe had sharp observational skills extending far beyond photography and was not shy about sharing his opinions, although he usually offered them in the manner of a photographer who sees, but is not heard. He was very involved in the photographic community and just last week was promoting a special event in Vermont featuring the work of several important artists.

In recent years he has been prolific on Instagram often filtering his images to give them an other worldly look. Ruhe was 67.

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