Rounding Out the Week


As we lace up our sneakers for a good cause this weekend The Laurel congratulates Ann Nyberg of News 8 for being selected best anchor by the readers of Connecticut Magazine.

As final work is completed on the sale of Meredith to Gray Television a new deal has been struck to sell Meredith’s publishing business. You may remember when Meredith’s TV stations were put up for sale, including WFSB, the company said publicly it was being done to focus on the publishing business. It seems they lost focus.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to two journalists: Maria Ressa of the Phillipines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia.

Poynter has a series of stories this weekend on the big switch by many to freelance journalism, including this story on what you should know before you make the leap. According to Poynter lots of journalists are making the change because new technologies make it easier to create revenue and working alone provides editorial independence and fits the pandemic lifestyle.

Think about that last phrase: “the pandemic lifestyle.” Wow!

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