Pay For the Day


As of this week the free ride is over for people accessing the website of the Day of New London.

The paper announced, at the end of the year, that from now on almost all Day content will be behind a paywall, accessible only to subscribers. Up until now readers could access up to three free articles a month.

Publisher Timothy Dwyer explained the decision in an article that appeared at the end of last week:

“The gathering, production and distribution of…content comes at a cost. Like any local business we cannot sustain our business model if we give away our product for free. The decision to require a subscription to access our digital content is no different than what we ask of our print subscribers.

“For those of you who are familiar with our ownership model (we donate our profit to the community) you know this is not a decision based on greed or a desire to line the company’s pockets. It is simply necessary to ensure that we can continue to bring all our readers the award-winning local news that they have come to expect…”