WFSB Losing Courtney Zieller


After 9.5 years at WFSB, Courtney Zieller writes on Facebook that she’s “hanging up her microphone”:

But before I sign off, I wanted to share my appreciation to those I’ve met along the way.
To the hardworking public information officers, media representatives and industry experts — you would drop everything in your day to talk to me so I can tell a story and viewers can be informed — it has meant so much to me and for that, I’ll be forever be grateful.
To the viewers who allowed me to share their stories — some on their worst days and some on their best. You have taken the time to write heartfelt emails, letters or just say hello when you see me out — thank you! And, thank you for welcoming me into your homes every day.
And to the fantastic craft beer community in CT — I don’t even have enough words to show you my appreciation. Seriously. Thank you for showing us your passion for this industry, the camaraderie, your hospitality, generosity and overall welcoming our cameras with open arms. It’s YOU who made Something’s Brewing the success it has been for 5+ years.
It has been quite the honor to share stories in my home state all these years. Connecticut is home. It’s where I grew up, where my family is, where my husband’s family is, and it’s where we will raise ours.
I’m excited for the next chapter.


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