A Series of Fortunate Events


    Here’s a truly remarkable story with a happy ending.

    Last month, CBS News correspondent Richard Schlesinger was taking his morning walk in Cornwall when he suffered an apparent heart attack. He dropped to the road and was unconscious, a situation with a low survival rate. You are alone, incapacitated, and there is no one to help.

    But lucky for Schlesinger there were people who just happened by – on a normally quiet country road – to save his life. First a couple driving through from Maryland who began CPR and called 911. Then a state trooper. Then the local ambulance crew that had just acquired some new equipment to help in just this sort of situation. Schlesinger survived and made an effort to track down everyone involved to thank them for saving his life.

    Leila Hawken, of TriCorner News has the full story in a well written account.

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