Open Forum on Newtown Coverage


Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance speaks news conference shooting Sandy Hook Elementary school where gunman opened fire killing

 Laurels to members of the Connecticut news media who have given their all since Friday morning. A couple mentions:
  • Tom Dudchik’s site CT Capitol Report which has done a tremendously thorough and sensitive job aggregating the local and national coverage since the news broke
  • State Police Lt. Paul Vance. He has always been a pro and it certainly has made a difference when the eyes of the world has been on his department. As the Chicago Sun-Times writes, “Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance delivered a master class in how to relay information and handle the media in the wake of a catastrophe. Composed yet compassionate, straightforward without being robotic or wooden, Vance comes across as a cop who views his relationship with reporters as cooperative rather than adversarial, more of a partnership than a necessary evil.”

Please consider our comments section an opportunity to post your thoughts on the media coverage to date. Stay Classy.


  1. I agree completely with the Chicago Sun Times opinion of Lt. Vance. He’s always done a great job and this time it was exceptional. It can’t be easy for any of them to deal with all this.

    I hope some kind of counseling is being made available to all the reporters that are covering this as well. Erin Logan and all the other reporters that were there all day Friday must need someone to talk to after all that they heard and saw first hand.

  2. Notes – Great job by all local media – you have been thrust into a spotlight and a put under a microscope at the same time. All the public asked was compassion and caring about the community.

    The national media at times were way too aggressive. The major anchors handled the situation with grace. Many breaking down during live shots. This wasn’t easy for anyone.

    Lt Vance, the CT ‘Rock in a Storm’, taught well by the Vance family did nothing but what was expected in a storm – caring, compassionate, factual – you can’t ask for more. What he saw none of us could comprehend.

    Guess the job by all was done right – the families have had privacy to grieve, the town a chance to start to heal and the media goes on to another story.

    Hug your children even more and remember prayers for the families of Newtown.

    John M. West
    Freelance Associates
    Southington, CT