School Shooting: Media Does Their Best and Worst

The Denver Post’s TV critic reviews the news media’s coverage of the Sandy Hook school shooting.
But this was a horrible day for everyone involved so we sympathize with the members of the Fourth Estate who had the wrenching job of covering this tragedy.


  1. Duby, Good post.

    I am glad to see that most of the Fourth Estate behaved themselves and kept on target today covering the story but showing utmost compassion.

    From an early analysis I liked the NBCCT coverage they held together showing they were a cohesive team. Others without the experience chatted endlessly about past shootings totally off target during the heat of the story.

    National media as always swooped in to try grabbing the story but in watching they seemed to play fair too.

    Keep up the work remember the compassion because it is all about the families.

    John M. West
    Freelance Associates
    Southington CT

  2. As a Newtown resident, I think the coverage has been fairly restrained. Kudos to Lt. Paul Vance and his PIO team for keeping control of information before law enforcement could confirm the facts.

    However, a couple of things have irked me. First–is it so hard to say “Newtown” instead of “Newton”? (Thankfully the town’s founders had the good sense not to adopt Pohtatuck, which was the name of a local Indian village.) Second–I’ve seen TV trucks from local stations in Boston, Albany, Detroit, Philadelphia and other places. Good thing they’ve got all the local news in their own cities covered.