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Newtown Documentary Tonight

The critically acclaimed documentary Newtown makes its national debut on PBS tonight at 9p.m. The film tells the story of the shooting at the Sandy...

Trump and Newtown

Former New Haven Register reporter Chris Hoffman tells a strange tale of the Trump White House and the families of the victims of the...

"Step Off and Let the Community Grieve….."

One of the state legislators who represents Newtown admonished the press during a memorial Wednesday in the General Assembly, insisting it was time to...

Global Media Set Up Shop in Newtown

CTNewsJunkie's Hugh McQuaid on the world reporting community's descent upon this small town.

Newtown Bee Thrust Into the Spotlight

Poynter profiles the pain and challenges faced by the weekly Newtown Bee as it covers the massacre.

Open Forum on Newtown Coverage

,   Laurels to members of the Connecticut news media who have given their all since Friday morning. A couple mentions: Tom Dudchik's site CT Capitol Report...