Dennis House Going to WFSB’s Main Rival, WTNH


That didn’t take long! Former WFSB anchor Dennis House, let go by the station 3 months ago, will head down I-91 to New Haven and News8. According to a Rick Green story in the Hartford Courant, Dennis will anchor a new Sunday morning political program, report, and fill-in anchor at WTNH.

A smart move by Channel 8 and congratulations to Dennis.

So kids, some of us were in the WFSB newsroom back in the 90s; there was a full staff of anchors, but WFSB had the opportunity to hire away Al Terzi from main rival WTNH, and did so. The WFSB management knew which of their anchors they hoped would stay and which would leave (side note: Gerry Brooks — who they assumed was staying — threw a wrench into the plans when he hopped over to NBC CT for the top spot). We could go on and on but the point is: expect Dennis to be anchoring before you and I are in the vaccine line.



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