It Was Fun While It Lasted


For the last few years, Wednesday mornings at 9 am have been reserved by political junkies for the “The Wheelhouse” on WNPR, where “Connecticut’s best journalists come out of the political trenches every Wednesday to join us on Connecticut Public Radio’s weekly news roundtable.” But the program that started under John Dankosky and is now moderated by Lucy Nalpathanchil is going away.

Nalpathanchil, who currently hosts “Where We Live” on non-Wednesdays, is quoted in a press release saying, “Our listeners may still hear some familiar voices, but the roundtable format will be replaced by in-depth interviews with elected officials and reporters who cover them closely. And I won’t be the only ones asking questions—on Wednesdays we’re bringing back calls and questions on air, so our listeners can engage directly in these important conversations.”

So it sounds like Wednesday mornings at 9 on WNPR will offer a political/government version of the rest of the week’s “Where We Live” format: interviews, callers, etc.

In other words, not as much fun as The Wheelhouse.