All Sides of “The Coin”



The Laurel is a little late to this story as the book was first published a few years ago, but there’s been a bit of recent publicity around it. Waterbury Republican-American editor Andy Thibault helped write the memoir of “the world’s greatest counterfeiter,” Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio. According to one review, it’s “profane and raucously funny.” Colavecchio made $100 slot machine tokens which were undetectable as fakes. He was also closely affiliated with Ray Patriarcha, one of the most powerful mob bosses in US history.

The Coin reached out to Thibault after reading a CT Law Tribune column Thibault wrote about Colavecchio’s exploits. Together, Gateway Community College Professor Franz Douskey and Thibault rewrote Louis’ manuscript. You can get the book here.

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