Trouble In River City?


Less than a full month into operations it appears the new streaming service CNN+ is already failing to meet expectations and there are reports cuts will be made to the massive preliminary budget. This as Connecticut native Chris Licht waits to take over as CNN president May 1.

The announced moves of former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to CBS and current press secretary and Connecticut native Jen Psaki to MSNBC still has tongues wagging in the news industry. As the Associated Press points out, it’s not unusual for former politicians and operatives to find their way into TV, but what is different – this time – is the push back from journalists. The reasons for the objections are different in each case.

Rachel Maddow has announced that for the foreseeable future she will only appear as host of her show on MSNBC once a week. Mondays. The rest of the week the network will have a rotating series of fill in hosts. This looks like a slow moving train wreck.

As former Connecticut Governor Bill O’Neill was fond of saying, “You’re either in or your out.” There are lots of talented people waiting in the wings at MSNBC and elsewhere who are going to resent this move. Maddow told her audience last night that she could change her mind. Presumably we would find out on any given Monday.

And here’s a story everyone should read if you consider yourself a content creator in today’s media world. Who owns your stuff? Maybe before you take that job you should make clear that you do.


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