Trouble in Conservative Media Paradise?

Tucker Carlson at the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, FL. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

The conservative media world was jolted by President Trump’s recent escalation with Iran in the past week according to a New York Times article by Michael M. Grynbaum published on January 7.

Tucker Carlson, a 1991 graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, took the lede:

“It was the kind of full-throated critique of President Trump familiar to MSNBC viewers, yet transplanted to the heart of Fox News: Tucker Carlson, the network’s conservative 8 p.m. host, upbraiding the White House for its attempts to justify the killing of a top military commander in Iran,” wrote Grynbaum.

Along with what the author calls Carlson’s “dissent,” he explains the conservative media’s struggle as a whole to defend the president’s recent actions and words. 

Citing an interview with President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen Bannon, Grynbaum wrote that Bannon “and other supporters of the president were still hunting for an effective defense.”

Grynbaum suggested that part of the problem in mustering the right-wing media defense was the utter lack of communication from the White House regarding the Iran escalation, highlighting that White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham hasn’t “held a briefing in her six months on the job.” (Today the president officially broke that silence with his prepared remarks from the White House).

You can read the article here.