According to Poynter, an increasing number of newspaper publishers are considering using the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the daily paper.

    This questions several assumptions built into the theory of news delivery over the last century.

    If the trend takes hold it would mean most morning papers would be delivered around noon or later. Morning papers would become afternoon papers.

    This means people who work outside the home would not get to read their daily paper until the end of the day. However, in the post lockdown world we now live in, in which many people work from home, is there anything wrong with a midday paper?

    Finally, if the daily paper no longer comes in the morning and breaking news(or the latest news) is published on the internet, it would necessitate a change in approach to printed content. The only value in a printed paper would be its ability to deliver information – perhaps analysis, actionable insight, consumer friendly advice, or entertainment – that subscribers would consider essential or enjoyable.

    This then is our analysis and we are sticking to it.