Ties No Longer Bind


Have you ever looked through the pages of a history book or an old magazine and wondered, how did people ever wear those restrictive clothes, especially in the middle of the summer? I’m so glad I never had to wear a wig, or a vest, or a hat.

It appears now that the tie has officially entered the category of clothes we used to wear. The change has even been memorialized in a memo at NECN based in Boston. The tie is not only old hat, it is apparently getting in the way of anchormen and their audience.

But not so the dress for women. And you’ll love this spin on why women are still wearing dresses on TV news sets:

“Audrey Mansfield, visual stylist for NBC-owned stations, said that female anchors and reporters also have seen slightly relaxed wardrobe guidelines in recent years, but that viewers may not notice much of a change…

“Dresses are less expensive, and often just easier,” she said. “They take up less space in the closet. And for those early-morning anchors, they don’t have to worry about matching.””

Oh! That’s it!


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