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And now for an occasional feature we like to call: This N That.

Geoff Bennett, whose name is best remembered for doubling down on the letters f,n, and t, is taking over as anchor of the weekend edition of the PBS Newshour. The weekend show will now be produced by WETA in Washington as is the weekday Newshour. Since its inception, eight years ago, the weekend show was produced in New York by WNET.

Public radio stations featuring classical music programming saw a boost in fundraising and listenership during the pandemic, according to

We thought this was kind of strange when we heard it.

Former Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who is on record boldly bashing the news media and telling lies on behalf of his former boss from the White House podium, has been hired as a contributor for CBS News. According to some reports the decision is not going over well inside CBS.

Since loyalty to Trump required abandoning the truth, it is hard to reconcile the idea of any serious news organization hiring former Trump staffers in any capacity.

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