The Schroeder News


Las Vegas Review-Journal

Three weeks after the controversy first broke, New Britain Herald/Bristol Press publisher Michael Schroeder has been removed from his position as “manager” of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and he has issued a public apology for an article printed last year in his Connecticut newspapers.

In classic “mistakes were made” style, Schroeder published a “note to readers” of the New Britain Herald admitting a story published last year “did not meet our standards.” The article in question was published under a pen name and appeared to contain large passages lifted from articles printed in other journals. The lifting of material published elsewhere without proper attribution is sometimes known as “plagiarism.” The article also seemed to benefit Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson and had no relevance to a Connecticut audience.

The article was among several pieces of evidence linking Schroeder to Adelson, following Adelson’s purchase of the Review-Journal last month for $140 million in cash. At first, Adelson appeared to be using Schroeder to mask his own involvement in the purchase of the Review-Journal.

Meantime, so far, there has been no mention of the controversy on the website of the Block Island Times. It was announced last week that Schroeder is the new owner of the Times. An announcement on the paper’s website does promise several “get to know” the new publisher events in the coming weeks. It is quite possible the meetings could draw media reporters to Block Island despite the winter weather.

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