The Morning After


Here’s an example of a journalist coming up with a really creative side gig (i.e. money-earning enterprise).

First, a little about Teresa Pelham:

“Teresa has been encouraging people to say inappropriate things at parties for many years. She writes a monthly parenting column for the Hartford Courant, where her lifestyle and business features also regularly appear. She has contributed to Seasons Magazine, Hartford Magazine, Connecticut Magazine and the Hartford Business Journal among others.”

Teresa was also a frequent guest on WTIC-am when Colin McEnroe hosted in the afternoons. Here’s the scoop on her new business “The Morning After”:



Everything we thought we knew about special events, fund-raisers, parties and getting your organization’s message out there is changing. The way people access information is evolving fast. But we can handle this. And it will be great. Promise.

It’s time to start thinking outside the box, guys.

Here’s the plan:
1.     You throw a fun, creative event.
2.    I photograph and interview your stunning and witty guests. As I do this, I distribute my business card with your web address affixed to the back, directing guests to visit your web site. (Yay! Visitors!)
3.    By noon the next day, you (or or one of your clever tech-savvy staffers) will be emailed a PDF — with lots of photos and an edgy, fun write-up — to add to your web site. Just type in a few words (“Click here to see a review of last night’s fantastic party,” for example.) And that’s all you have to do.
4.    Lots of important, involved and interested people will visit your web site to see if they’re among the bold-faced names to be quoted or if they were photographed looking fabulous.
5.    That’s it. The PDF is yours. The photos are yours to distribute to society pages or use in your own publications or even post on Facebook.

Please click on this link: to see my write-up and photos from this past weekend’s Odd Ball, held at Real Art Ways. And contact me when you’re ready to throw your next big party.

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