Teutsch and Roessner Out at the Courant


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How many more news people can the Courant lose? The details on the departure of the #1 and #2 news managers at the Courant come from the Courant Alumni Blog (which includes such a large and impressive group that it should start its own news source).

The news follows the arrival of “Content Manager” Jeff Levine who arrived last week and will oversee the integration of  the Courant and Fox61. Naedine Hazell will serve as interim editor.

Cliff’s gracious goodbye memo is here.

Bobbie’s is here.

Sources tell The Laurel that Cliff and Bobbie were going to be “let go” a week ago Friday, but some unfortunate publicity surrounding the Courant’s Publisher postponed the announcement.

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  1. Fascinating how the details of that unfortunate incident a week ago involving the Courant’s new publisher has ceased to be of interest to anyone and has evaporated from coverage.

    In another time SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE would have at least showed up to cover the hearing in court.

    You have to figure that no one in their right mind would follow the story if they work for the Courant…unless of course they wanted to be a former employee.

    Embarassing news …well isn’t.