Sunday Surprise at the Waterbury Republican-American


Sunday morning’s Republican-American ran this “Note to Readers” on the front of the Commentary section:

” Beginning April 12 we are eliminating the Sun­day Commentary section and moving the editorial pages to the main news section. Sunday business pages will be moved to the Local News section.
This enables us to main­tain our core content: business news, editorials and commentaries and columns from staff writ­ers such as Greg Hanisek and Howard Fielding, but reduces our overall con­sumption of newsprint.
We’ll be making similar changes to the Sunday Accent and Arts & Enter­tainment sections: keep­ing the important local content while eliminating some features such as the Travel and Broadway pages that do not repre­sent our core mission.
As you know, newspa­pers, along with many segments of the national economy, are struggling with this recession. Ad­vertising revenue, our primary source of in­come, is down consider­ably (as it is for all forms of media: magazines, tele­vision and radio), while operating costs continue to climb. Thus, we contin­ue to be forced to make difficult decisions about content in the Republi­can- American and Sun­day Republican. The volume of advertising carried in the newspaper is a significant factor in how much space is avail­able for news.
Our mission is to con­tinue to provide as much local news coverage as possible for the 41 cities and towns within our cir­culation area. In these tough times that means eliminating features and sections that are not cen­tral to that mission or do not have sufficient adver­tising support.
We appreciate your continued support. As al­ways, your comments are welcome.


  1. I must have missed this in the paper!

    On a side note, two weeks ago they announced the elimination of the Weekly TV booklet that they printed every Sunday for years. It makes sense, almost every TV with cable or satellite has an electronic guide now, so who really uses the booklet anymore…