Our Best Wishes….


…to former Hartford Courant reporter Beth Hamilton and Matthew Barrett (of DSS) who are the proud parents of Phineas “Finn” Hamilton Barrett. Finn was born on April 4th and is in the Newborn Special Care Unit at Yale- New haven. More on Finn at the Hartford Courant Alumni Association site.

Beth, who was laid off a month ago (yes, while 8 months pregnant) is an example of great reporters who have fallen victim to cuts.  She was a “Reporter of the Year” at the Courant, did a stint as the political reporter, served on the investigative team twice, and covered DCF and DMHAS. She also wrote the stories that exposed how Cardianl Egan transfered abusive priests around in the Birdgeport Diocese. She has won several national and regional journalism awards including the Casey Medal in 2007.

Finn, we hope to see your mother back in the journalism game soon.


  1. Congratulatios Karen have a great season. Don’t know Barrymyself but for yolseruf it’s great to have friends like him. As forme it’s great to have friends like the Botticello’s and all theirwonderful employees. My best to you all.As AlwaysMary Collins