Still Going for The Shot


Three of Connecticut’s longest-serving and best photographers covered Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez yesterday: Bob Child of the AP, Tim Wright of WTNH and Jim Hart of NBC30.


  1. 20 something years ago WTNH offered me an audition as a reporter, when I was working in a very small market. I was given a one line notice from the Register about an upcoming meeting in Hamden and had to develop a story. I went out that day with Tim Wright, who was not only kind and helpful, but shot the piece like it was a Kodak commercial. The story made air, I got the job, and I owe it all to TIM!

  2. Duby…I see photographer Bob Child in this photo. He of course is the twin of the late Pat Child who worked for decades for News Channel 8. I would love to see a post on Bob Child on your site…he has covered everything in this state for as long as most can remember.
    Ann Nyberg/WTNH

  3. I remember Bob Child coming into the House Chamber during the last days of session, always ready to snap the photo of the snoozing legislator. We had to wake many a caucus member to keep them off the front page. One looong session, well pas midnight, he was sitting in the well of the house on one of the benches and dozed off himself. I’d have given my kingdom for a camera at that moment! He’s a terrific guy.