Publish Or Hold?


    During the Trump era, several book authors including Bob Woodward and John Bolton, were accused of holding back important information that would shed light on current events as a means to increase book sales.

    In Friday’s New York Times, Trump specialist Maggie Haberman, viewed as one of the most authoritative reporters of the Trump period, broke a story several months before the scheduled release of her upcoming book.

    The story details how Vice President Pence’s chief of staff alerted Pence’s Secret Service detail of a possible threat to the vice president on January 6, 2021. In the Times account published Friday afternoon, Haberman points out the new information was uncovered during reporting for her book. It is not clear how long Haberman has known about this detail, but it does seem clear she decided it was her responsibility as a journalist to share it now rather than waiting for her book release.

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