Attitude Adjustment?

Rumors, filled with rich detail, continue to swirl about the future of CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell. For months, word on the street has been that CBS can no longer justify paying her high salary for a program that is always in third place. Third place should not be so expensive, is the argument. Adding fuel to the fire are reports from insiders about O’Donnell’s Miranda Priestly act.

Streaming News

Morning Joe, All In With Chris Hayes, and Deadline: White House are all scheduled to be offered on NBC’s Peacock streaming hub, as the major networks look to streaming as a big part of their future.

CNN has announced its new streaming service, CNN+, will be available starting March 29.


And now for our semi-regular question: What the hell happened to Maria Bartiromo?

On her Sunday show this weekend she suggested the Biden White House may secretly want Ukraine to fall and reported that someone told her that President Biden sees Vladimir Putin as a partner not the enemy. Which of course was the goal of the previous administration.

William Hurt, 71

Actor William Hurt, who played a preening, too green for prime time, news anchor in the movie Broadcast News has died at the age of 71. His family said he died of natural causes just shy of his 72 birthday.


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