McEnroe to Hearst


Here’s Colin McEnroe, just out of Yale, when he started at the Hartford Courant in 1976. He began writing for the paper and didn’t take his foot off the gas till 1995; that’s when he narrowed his duties to his widely-read Sunday column (in the meantime his radio career has flourished).

Many gasped when the new year brought his announcement that he would be leaving 285 Broad Street. He let us know, however, that “… this is all OK. It’s my choice; there’s something else I want to do.”

The Laurel has learned that at least one new thing he wants to do is write for the Courant’s rival, the multi-paper Hearst CT Media Group. Here’s Hearst’s announcement.

Ten years ago this would have been a real loss for Hartford Courant readers. But these days your favorite writers are a keystroke away. So to quote Bertolt Brecht (and Bobby Darin), Mac is back in town.