Five O’Clock Whistle at Tribune?


    According to postings on social media, the Hartford Courant Guild, representing 32 editorial employees at the Hartford Courant, will join next week with other guilds, representing employees of Tribune Publishing papers nationwide, in a work action that could impact local news coverage.

    The decision to make a stand comes after negotiations with management failed to reach agreement on family and medical leave, according to the Courant Guild.

    Guild members say they have been working for an extended period of time, beyond regular working hours and without proper compensation, to match previous standards and meet readership expectations.

    It appears Courant employees, and the employees of other Tribune properties, are about to refuse to work any hours they are not specifically paid to work. Details are expected next week.

    As you know, Tribune Publishing is owned by Alden Global Capital which has a reputation for buying properties and cutting costs dramatically as a means to increase profits. The evidence suggests Alden is not concerned about the journalistic effects of its cost cutting so it is unlikely to be moved by a job action. Still, the editorial staffers at the Courant and other Alden properties; persist.



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