Happening Now…


As the new year gets underway, the Hartford Courant Guild is promising to continue to resist efforts by Alden Global Capital, the current owner of Tribune Publishing(and therefore the Hartford Courant)to run the chain on a shoestring budget.

The Guild says Alden’s strategy depends on free labor and shows a disdain for readers, subscribers and the journalistic mission of community newspapers.

Taking leave…

Brad Luck, the digital director at NBC CT is leaving the station for a “new adventure in New York City.

And as “luck would have it” the switch comes as NBC CT chief photographer Jon Wardle is also leaving the station.

Follow up now on a story we told you about earlier this week…

The departure of Audie Cornish(today) from NPR has led to a rare public airing of grievances by current and former members of the NPR family. On social media, and in a few mainstream news stories, NPR veterans are expressing concern about the recent loss of several hosts who represent “marginalized communities” and they further contend that the departures show a larger problem with the culture inside NPR.

Whoops!! Follow up on a story from last year…

Former New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has been dealt a major, perhaps fatal, political blow in his campaign to be the next governor of Oregon. Oregon’s secretary of state has ruled Kristof does not qualify as a three year resident of the state and is therefore ineligible for the office. Both the secretary of state and Kristof are Democrats. Kristof says he is taking the issue to court.

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