Handly Rising


Many Laurelers may remember Jim Handly from his days as a reporter and anchor at channel 3 back in the early 90’s.

Since 1992 he’s been working for WRC, channel 4 in Washington, D.C.

Lately he has been anchoring the station’s 4 and 5p.m. newscasts, but he is now moving up to take over anchoring duties at 11p.m.

Handly’s move up the D.C. anchor chain is made possible following the announcement that long time anchor Jim Vance, a D.C. legend with a rep as a cool cat, is easing his way toward retirement by giving up the 11p.m. slot.

The styles of Vance and Handly could not be more different. Vance’s delivery is so laid back, at times, it’s hard to hear what he is saying. Handly on the other hand has always had an enthusiastic delivery that gives viewers the impression he is about to jump out of his suit.

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