It seems as though every day there are more news outlets that are adapting to New Media.  At GlobalPost, they have fully embraced it.

GlobalPost, founded by former Boston Globe correspondent Charles Sennott, has a mission to “redefine international news for the digital age”.  They have 65 correspondents in 40+ countries throughout the world as they believe in the tradition of correspondents actually living in the areas that they are reporting on. Remember that?

GlobalPost marries this traditional reporting with today’s technology. Reporters not only write pieces for the site but use audio and video to tell their stories.  Some of the stories and pieces that I have seen remind me of NPR but they have a distinct independent streak to them where you can tell that each correspondent is given a tremendous amount of freedom in their work.

The following is part of their mission statement:

We, the Founders of GlobalPost, are also acutely aware of the fact that quality journalism in America is threatened more profoundly today than at any time in our history from an unprecedented combination of forces: the transformational power of technology and the internet, the dramatic erosion in the economic underpinnings of the traditional media, and a steady migration of the most devoted consumers of news as well as younger people to new content platforms, most importantly the web.

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