Frank Holler


Veteran radio disc jockey Frank Holler died over the weekend at his home in Newington, Connecticut.

Holler began his career at WPOP, before the station switched to an all news format, and also worked locally at WDRC and WHYN in Springfield.

From a WDRC alumni site:

Frank followed his former WPOP program director, Dan Clayton, to WLW Cincinnati. He later worked at WDAI FM Chicago (as Justin Paige); WKLS Atlanta; WWWW Detroit; WCMF Rochester, NY; WCOZ Boston; WDRC Hartford; KLOU St. Louis; WIOQ Philadelphia; back to WDRC FM where he instituted a Saturday night oldies show, Jukebox Saturday Night, named for a show he listened to in 1956 at WPOP’s predecessor, WGTH; and [hosted] a Saturday night oldies show on WHYN FM in Springfield.


H/T – Lee Gordon