“Feeling the Love”


From the TV News website FTVLive:

WTNH (New Haven) Chief Political Correspondent Tom Dudchik suffered a tragedy when his two sons were killed in a car crash.

Dudchik is taking time off after experiencing a parent’s worst nightmare.

But, Dudchik also points out to FTVLive that he saw the very best in his fellow co-workers and the Nexstar station he works for.

He sent along this email and we thought we would share it with you.

Hi Scott-
Sometimes the TV community comes together in tragedy for one of their own. Amidst the self promotional selfies, silly sweeps stories, there is goodness.
My wife and I witnessed goodness from the entire WTNH family on Monday when we buried my sons.
Every member of the WTNH family was at the service. Talent, producers, directors. Everybody. The service was live-streamed on the WTNH website and on their Facebook page. The church was at standing room capacity. The station brought their Weather SUV that also has audio and a large TV, and hundreds who were not able to get into the church watched outside.
I just wanted you to know, that we all send you Emmy trophy stuff, the stupid anchors dancing videos. I also want you to know that there is an other side of the TV news fraternity. At WTNH. Who care deeply about the people they work with.
There is TV goodness. You just have to be surrounded by the right people.

Our condolences to Tom and his family as they continue to deal with this tragedy.