Executive Editor: Vision Wanted


As we first reported last week, WNPR has begun the process of re-imagining the leadership of its news operations by posting for the position of “executive editor.”

The job description on the station’s website says the executive editor will, “have a vision for the future of public media and how it fits into and expands to become the leading news organization in the state.”

The posting further describes an approach to news gathering and dissemination that puts all platforms on an “equal footing.”

The news landscape in Connecticut has dramatically changed in the last two decades and despite the hard work of many individual journalists and some smaller news organizations there is no longer one clear leader or dominant force. Given new technologies, there is no reason to think an existing brand, like WNPR, cannot become “the leading news organization in the state” under the right leadership.

The Laurel also reported last week that WNPR plans to hire two additional editors in the future focused on news programming and daily news.

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