CNN Hiring Surge


Connecticut college journalism students(and those with experience) may consider sending video files and resumes to CNN. One of the most influential news organizations in the world, is hiring to fill at least 200 new positions as it prepares to launch its new streaming service next year.

CNN+ is looking to fill just about any position you can think of that would be necessary to start-up a full scale news network. Everything from on-air(or on-stream) positions to producers and management.


Follow up now on the Rachel Maddow situation.

Reports indicate MSNBC‘s highest rated host will leave her daily show next spring and begin producing specials for MSNBC. Some reports suggest her output will be weekly, others say it is more likely to be an irregular number like 30-35 shows a year. The search and speculation about possible replacements is underway. A leading contender in the early sweepstakes is Nicolle Wallace, who currently hosts two hours in the afternoon and often fills in for Maddow. Moving Wallace to the evenings would be interesting in a few ways:

  1. As a former Republican, it would take a bit of the left leaning edge off MSNBC’s coverage and general reputation.
  2. Wallace’s breaking news approach could make MSNBC’s evening programming an extension of the daily news cycle and help advance the conversation the way Sunday morning public affairs shows used to. A contrast to the opinion based programming on competing networks. It might become necessary for print journalists to monitor an evening show anchored by Wallace for late-breaking pre-deadline developments.

Other MSNBC hosts who fill in for Maddow are talented, but do not have what Dan Rather would call Wallace’s “break-out potential.”

Maddow has become so much a part of the brand of MSNBC that there is career danger for anyone who takes over her time slot. The danger being that they will be seen only as Maddow-lite, a bad imitation, or a ratings loser. In short: New Coke. Other than that, it’s a good opportunity.

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