Club Capitol


The news this week that former State Representative Quentin Williams was legally drunk when he was killed by a wrong way driver in January exposes further a well known secret about life in and around the Connecticut Capitol – and in and around many Capitols across the country.

The consumption of alcohol is often part of the legislative process.

Throughout the years the degree to which drinking is part of legislative life has varied and its locations have varied, but it is almost always present. This Laureler has witnessed solo drinking in the individual offices of state lawmakers, full on party style drinking in the Old Judiciary Room, and marauding style drinking on the last night of the session. (For many years you would not want to see or smell what the inside of the Capitol looked like on the morning after the last night of the session).

The news media has always known this, but for the most part has looked the other way and in the past – in some instances – even taken part.

We are not shocked. Perhaps it’s time for legislation.