Catching up with Eric Danton


Eric Danton is a familiar name in Connecticut journalism as he’s been the Courant’s rock critic since 2002. His reviews, articles and interviews are gobbled up by the state’s music junkies and his blog, Soundcheck, is a must read for any music lover. I have devoured his Thursday updates in the Courant’s Calendar section on shows throughout the area for years. You may have also seen Eric on TV as he and Rachel Lutzker have a segment on FOX61 which covers the latest in music.

Eric utilizes the most up-to-date forms of media. He feels it’s necessary to use YouTube, Facebook , podcasts and Twitter in order to achieve better results. When we caught up with him, Eric relayed to us that these forms of New Media, “help draw attention to stories that I write in the print edition and for items that I post to my blog.” He uses it more of a directive tool to let readers know where they can find his stories.

These forms of media help in telling his story – especially when his subject can be difficult to portray in print. However, he doesn’t feel as though print holds him back. “Good stories can stand on their own, too, and the challenge has always been to write those kinds of stories.”

What is important to note is how Eric takes advantage of these new forms of media. Because music correlates to the internet better than, say, politics – his work can be much more effective when he uses New Media. For example, his blog can show the latest music video that is creating a stir or his online article can allow you to listen to the record he is reviewing.

Though Eric is ahead of the curve when it comes to New Media, he sees many of his colleagues moving in that direction thanks to the Courant’s online editor, Naedine Hazell.  “Since she took over, the Courant has established a Facebook page and begun using Twitter, and largely at her urging, many more of my coworkers are getting their first taste of social networking and such via Facebook.”

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