Bob Englehart


Several sources with detailed working knowledge of the Hartford Courant confirm long time political cartoonist Bob Englehart has taken the paper’s buyout offer and will most likely be retiring by the end of the month.

Englehart became the Courant’s first full time editorial cartoonist when he joined the paper nearly 35 years ago. We speculate he may be the last given the heavier emphasis being placed on Internet content and the need for more video as the Courant evolves.

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His unique voice and method of making his points will certainly be missed, if the paper accepts his buyout application. In addition to his cutting cartoons, Englehart has distinguished himself as a blogger in recent years.

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For many Connecticut politicians, an Englehart cartoon could be a painful part of the Courant’s Tinker to Evers to Chance – “triple play combination” that goes like this:

  • An investigative expose by Jon Lender
  • A cartoon by Englehart
  • Followed by the damning editorial asking you to “come clean”

(Steps two and three are sometimes reversed).

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All cartoons by Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant.