Writ Large


And now some news beyond the Connecticut market that is important nonetheless…

At 8p.m. tonight the House Select Committee on January 6 holds its first public hearing in about a year. The hearing was deliberately scheduled for prime time and will be carried live by almost all major networks except for Fox.

Coverage of the hearing would present a special public relations problem, because there is a strong possibility, even a likelihood, that Fox News itself will be identified as a player in events that led up to January 6th.

According to a report on Current.org, several public radio broadcasters were able to use the period of the pandemic, when staff was broadcasting remotely, to renovate their studios.

NPR has named Juana Summers as the newest host of All Things Considered. She is replacing Audie Cornish who left earlier this year for CNN+. Cornish is reportedly one of the CNN hires management is trying to find a place for after the new owners pulled the plug on CNN+.

Summers joins a small group of ATC hosts who rotate as anchors. She will also work as a rotating host for the Consider This podcast.

Kara Swisher is leaving the New York Times, where she hosts the podcast Sway and writes about the tech industry, to launch a new podcast with Vox Media.

Trudy Haynes, the first Black person to work as a TV reporter in Philadelphia has died. She was 95.