Worth Knowing


Gretchen Carlson of Fox News, who lives in Greenwich, is out with a new book. Getting Real is about the challenges Carlson has faced in the television news business including getting fired a few weeks after she was married. The book offers advice, particularly to women, about surviving in the business and thriving in life.

Perceptive readers might notice the Fortune article references Carlson working in Cleveland with a co-anchor named “Denise.” Those familiar with Denise D’Ascenzo’s time in Cleveland might ask, “Did Denise work with Gretchen in Cleveland?” The answer is no. There were two women named Denise anchoring the news in Cleveland around that time. Gretchen worked with the non-D’Ascenzo. Sorry Sherlock!

In case you are getting fed up with your journalism job(working for the man) and you are thinking about using your personal brand to start a news website of your own; think at least one more time.

According to a report in the Washington Post, your personal brand may not be enough no matter how large a following you have gathered. The market is becoming saturated with micro news sites and it is getting more difficult for narrowcasters to break through and in some cases to maintain product output over the long term.

And just to put a bow on this story…Amanda Raus(Fox CT) and Todd Piro(NBC CT) were married over the weekend in Trumbull. For those of you just joining us, the couple met while working at WVIT.