Where Are They Now?


It’s fun to see an archive shot of the state capitol  press corps from 1993 on CT Capitol Report.

Two years after the income tax battle Governor Weicker became somewhat more relaxed and would often hold news conference sessions from a position seated on the couch in his office. It was seen by reporters as an attempt to be more casual and to charm the press with a folksy, yet professorial style. A combination of “let me teach you how it’s done” and “do I have some stories to tell.”

Reporters and photographers in the shot as best we can remember(L-R):

Pat Robb then of WPOP now of the AP. A Sue Haigh look-alike (it’s not her – we asked). Greg Hladky(standing by fireplace) then of the New Haven Register now of the Hartford Courant. Bill Cummings of the Connecticut Post. Matt Daly, then of the Courant now of the AP. NBC CT photog Kevin Marsella and political reprter Tom (“Senator”) Monahan of NBC CT, now retired. Pat O’Neill, then of the Danbury News Times now of the House Republican caucus. Rick Huntington, then of channel 3 now retired. Our only missing name is that of this still photographer in the front row. And then of course there’ s Bob Child then of the AP now retired.

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