WFSB Cleans House – But At What Cost?


On Tuesday, Dennis House celebrated his 28th anniversary at WFSB. On Wednesday, WFSB let Dennis go. Sadly and historically, that’s what happens too often when you reach a certain age and are well-paid.

Here’s the joint statement from House and WFSB.

Dennis is the main anchor at the station. He’s good at what he does. As everyone in Connecticut knows, his co-anchor and friend Denise D’Ascenzo died suddenly less than a year ago. He’s also the moderator of the long-running Sunday interview program “Face the State.” He always put a great deal of effort into hosting and booking that show.

Right now we’re hearing gasps from all the non-profits that Dennis and his wife, anchor and “Better CT” co-host Kara Sundlun, raised money for in their spare time.

This isn’t the first time that a TV station has parted ways with a well-liked anchor. But at a time when TV viewers — yes, there are still a lot of them out there –are looking for normalcy amidst a pandemic, and are still grieving the beloved D’Ascenzo, it’s hard to see how the savings outweigh the costs.