Watching Closely


    Former Fox News star Shepard Smith has been languishing for the last few years doing a traditional night time newscast at CNBC. Last week it was announced his show would be canceled at the end of the month, but over the weekend it was announced the show has been taken off the air and will be immediately replaced with continuing coverage of the markets until a permanent replacement is found.

    Meanwhile, last week it was announced the Jake Tapper experiment at 9p.m. on CNN is over and Tapper is moving back to 4p.m. Everyone insists that was the plan all along, to move Tapper back after the election.

    We are watching closely. This could be an opportunity for CNN to snag Smith and create a national nightly newscast in prime-time. We’re not the only ones thinking this way, but we’re among the first!

    This from a June Laurel post:

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