Ultimate Imbroglio


In some ways the current brouhaha over Donald Trump’s statements regarding Muslim immigration to the United States pits the old news media world against new reality.

There was a time, not long ago, when a chorus of criticism from the main stream media could force an apology, a confession, or even the end of a candidate’s political campaign. If nothing else, Trump has demonstrated over the past several months, that in today’s media environment a political candidate can effectively ride out a period of criticism and survive. Ben Carson has done the same. The news cycle moves so quickly that media outrage can only be sustained for a few days and is quickly replaced by the next outrage or crisis.

Trump’s latest comments may provide the ultimate test of how far “the ride it out strategy” can go. Last night, NBC Nightly News ended with an analysis/commentary from former anchor Tom Brokaw – which ended in Arlington National Cemetery – and seemed to be a metaphor for the old world shaking its fist at the new.

On the other hand(and there always is one), Trump has now created an issue he will be forced to deal with for the remainder of his campaign, no matter how far it goes.


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