Trumped Up


Donald Trump has either just imploded his campaign, finally and permanently, or found another way to surge ahead in the polls.

The Republican real estate mogul is being roundly criticized for his call to ban all entry by Muslims into the United States. But the criticism did not stop Trump from appearing on MSNBC for more than a half hour Tuesday morning to defend his stand.

Meantime, some journalists are re-thinking how they cover Trump. The Huffington Post, which earlier declared it would only cover Trump as “entertainment news” has now publicly declared a new shift. The Huff Post now plans to hold Trump’s feet to the fire on his inaccuracies and the potential implications of his stated policies.

The Huff Post’s decision is in some ways similar to the approach taken by Edward R. Murrow in his challenge* to former U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy.

*Note the video in this link in which Murrow operates his own reel to reel audio tape machine.


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