They're Calling the Segment "Weatherman's Real Life Hangover"


Wednesday, December 12 on “Dr Phil” (9 am on WTNH)

Dr. Phil goes behind the headlines of two popular weathermen who lost their jobs amid scandal. Former Philadelphia meteorologist John Bolaris says he’s become a laughingstock ever since he was drugged by two women and duped out of more than $43,000 while vacationing in Miami in 2010. He claims the media portrayed him as a womanizer instead of as the victim of an international crime ring. Find out what headline he says further humiliated him. Now unemployed, how can he regain his career and repair his reputation? Plus, hear from John’s fiancée, Erica, who recently created another scandal for John by posting racy Tweets on his Twitter account. How does she explain the posts? Then, Zoel says she made headlines when her online sex chat with a married Connecticut meteorologist went viral — and he was fired from his job. Zoel says the media has painted her as a “home wrecker” and a “slut” and that her relationship with her 21-year-old daughter, Kayla — whom she recently reunited with after 19 years — has been damaged as a result. Can Zoel repair her reputation and prove to Kayla that she can still be a trustworthy mom?


  1. Tempest in a Tea Pot?

    So two third tier on air talents, one of whom sounds as if he was drugged, kidnapped and robbed, are caught in embarrassing events.

    If the drugged, kidnapped and robbed talent were a woman the outrage of including ‘her’ story with Fox’s would be monstrous.

    Take away; dump social media life, have a real one.

  2. I love how the sainted Geoff Fox is always the innocent golden boy. Two of them were involved in that chat. Was it right it got leaked? No, but he should have known better than to have that kind of conversation on Facebook. I read the transcript – that was not his first rodeo doing that. Feel bad for his wife and daughter only and move on.

  3. @Lisa, what 15 minutes of fame?? No one gives a s**t about any of this!! It keeps popping up on this blog and on trashy places like CtBoom. Other than that, the world has moved on and doesn’t care about the friggin’ weatherman! No one cares about this woman or her story.

  4. I smell law suit against her especially seeing she did the same to the Philly weatherman.. both were duped plain and simple. my break on that, this is a criminal offense, no you shouldn’t have Geoff but, fry her.

    John W.

  5. He knew what he was doing Only ones I feel sorry for are his family
    He should have known better It is ironic that someone who is so computer savvy would have known that FB was not the place to engage in this type of messaging Wish him well

  6. Still say it will be lawsuit time with 2 separate incidents it seems she had motive to wreck 2 lives. Good bad indifferent – the courts have ruled on less. Geoff, hang in there – what the station did was unfair, these contract clauses are meant for serious law breakers, child molesters porn purveyors etc not someone who had a bad sense of judgement or a simple indiscretion. That is how I read it. Am I wet? Enough said.

  7. As a friend and fellow CT meteorologist, I support Geoff and hope he bounces right back in his long-time role after the dust settles. But, the “dust must settle” a while, so-to-speak.

    Geoff just did a dumb thing. And he is suffering the consequences. I’ve done a million “dumb things.” So has every one of us. And, he had a willing partner with an evil streak who sought only to do him in. A pox on her; let her suffer as well, and gain absolutely nothing from this incident.

    But, trying to see WTIC management’s viewpoint (and we all know a certain top executive there who is hardly “squeaky clean” himself), they had to do something because this is clearly embarassing to the station. But, IMO, they were dumb, too. They probably should have simply suspended him for a few weeks, again, while the proverbial “dust settles,” NOT dismissed him. No way they can replace Geoff with anyone even close to his recognizability and likability in the CT TV market. THey will have to start fresh with a no-name meteorologist and rely on Joe Furey as their lone big-ticket meteorologist.

    An overall very unfortunate incident, but WTIC resorted to a knee-jerk reaction that will NOT serve them well.

  8. Actual Ct Meteorologist: Good point, we all make mistakes. We don’t all cheat on our wives and put ourselves in potentially embarrassing public sexual situations. Mr. Fox is old enough and been around long enough to know the difference between right and wrong. He knew the downside of his actions and is paying the price. As for dismissing him – how do we know this was the sole reason for letting him go? We don’t. There could have been other personnel issues involving him at Fox Ct that didn’t warrant a dismissal but when lumped together, this could have been the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and they had to act. Sorry for his shame and the embarrassment he brought upon his family but he should have been at least as smart as he pretends to be on television.