Sunday Talk


News12  Saturday at 4:30 pm/ Sunday 11:30am.

Power & Politics 

Host:  Mark Sudol

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim on election round 4.

Scott Dolch with Connecticut Restaurant Association on server minimum wage.

Abhishek Karnik with McAfee about AI threats to elections.


Face the Facts         NBC Connecticut

Host: Mike Hydeck

Betsy Gara, the Executive Director of the Council of Small Towns, discusses the fight against regionalism in Connecticut. She shared why she thinks previous attempts to save money through sharing services among cities and states have failed. She also details which services she thinks could be shared successfully.

President and CEO of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, Scott Dolch, discusses lawmakers wanting to raise the sub minimum wage and why members of the CT Restaurant Association believe this is not the way to go. He also talked about the Paid Leave Law in Connecticut and the push to expand it even more throughout the restaurant industry.

NBC CT Political Reporter Mike Savino details the ongoing push happening in the state senate to end college legacy admissions in Connecticut. He discussed the universities still using legacy admissions, and who is backing the move to eliminate this method of admission.

CT ’24       WFSB  8:30 a.m.
Host: Eric Parker

Segment One – Wrong-Way Crashes with guest Eric Jackson, Ph.D., who is Executive Director of the CT Transportation Institute & Director of the CT Transportation Safety Research Center
Segment Two – CEA President Kate Dias and Manchester H.S. Math Teacher James Tierinni on the Governor’s call to keep cell phones away from elementary school students during school hours
Segment Three – Celebrating UConn mascot Jonathan XIV as he retires.  He’ll be in studio along with UConn APO Fraternity Advisor Alissa Geller and Laura Centanni, Co-Chari of APO’s Husky Committee.


This Week in Connecticut    WTNH 10:00 am
Host: Dennis House


CT Capitol Report          WTNH  10:30am
Host:  Tom DudchikJohn McKinney, Liz Kurantowicz, Mayor Danielle Wong, and Joe Aresimowicz join Tom




The Real Story  Fox61  10 a.m.

Host: Emma Wulfhorst












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