Sunday Talk


Face the State WFSB 11 am






Host: Dennis House

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch(D)

Mike Rell(R) – GOP Outreach Director

Michael Mandell(D) – CT Democratic Party Executive Director

DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala

Flashback: Remembering a Pioneer


The Real Story Fox CT Sunday 10:30am






Host: Jenn Bernstein and Al Terzi

Scott Bates, Center for National Policy – Global Fight Against Terrorism

Speaker Brendan Sharkey – Transportation

Senator Rob Kane(R) – Appropriations Committee

The Stan Simpson Show Fox CT Saturday, 6:30am, online at









Focus on Connecticut News 12 Saturday: 7:30am, 11am, 2:30pm, 7:30 pm Sunday: 2:30am, 7:30am, 11am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm

Host: Tom Appleby

Kevin Lembo – State Comptroller

CTN: Capitol Report: Week in Review Sunday at 8pm replays of: The Real Story (8:30pm), Face the State (9:00pm), The Stan Simpson Show (9:30 pm)

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