Sun Set?


Often, in crisis situations, someone will say something like; “At least we know it can’t get any worse.”

That is never the case. Worse is always a distinct possibility.

Thursday, the new owner of The Baltimore Sun, David Smith met with the staff of the paper and failed to impress. By all accounts he insulted the paper and the staff and admitted he does not make a habit of even reading the paper.

When it was announced earlier this week that Smith had purchased the Sun from Alden Global Capital – which also owns the Hartford Courant – there was immediate hope that this was a good sign. Because what could be worse than being owned by Alden if you are in the news business?

Smith is the executive chairman of Sinclair, Inc. He reportedly told the Sun staff that Sinclair’s local TV station does a better job covering the news than they do. For print journalists, this is a supreme insult.

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