Stanley on Stan


Whether we think of this way or not, we are all working toward that final assessment. What will people say about us when we are gone?

For former Day of New London reporter and editor Stan DeCoster, there was never any doubt – throughout his life – that the final assessment would be positive. A man of humility, hard work, fairness, and integrity.

DeCoster(who tended to pronounce his last name as: De-Caus-TAH) died at age 80 in December. His former colleagues got together last weekend to remember his life and work and dedication to The Day and to journalism. Former Day reporter Bill Stanley published this look back at DeCoster’s life and career.

As veteran Connecticut reporters retire and eventually pass on it raises questions about whether Connecticut news consumers will ever – in the years ahead – benefit from the work of journalists who cover one community for several decades. The industry has changed in ways that makes long careers in local news difficult to imagine. DeCoster was with The Day from 1967 to 2001.

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